Fervour Will Help You Succeed

Fervour Is One Of Those Magical Components Of Success

“Fervour” or extreme excitement is part of what gives life it’s tremendous juice and makes it all worthwhile. Without this passion for daily life it would be dull and outrageously boring. 

Leaders who have a boat load of charisma display this quality in abundance at the right times. They ensure that there is continual fire in their bellies and they draw other people towards them like a giant magnet. They make you feel alive and kicking, when you are around them.

This is one of the reasons that you should continue to encourage and bring new people into your organisation. Their energy, enthusiasm and ideas are new, bright and engaging. Fervour is the top end of emotion and hopefully used sparingly.

There is another two words that go with “fervour” and they are fever pitch. I think that if you were to ask yourself how many times you have been at an event, whether musical, sporting, business or any other type of event and been part of something that could be classed as fever pitch?fervour will help you succeed

I believe in operating a very high level of energy and passion, but “fervour” or fever pitch is unique, rare and a fantastic place to find yourself, when you are totally wrapped up in it.

Although you could never maintain a fever pitch for long periods of time, as you would become totally drained.

I have been following professional soccer since 1968 and there have been a few times when the crowd were at fever pitch. It was exciting when it happened, but unfortunately it was a rare occurrence.

So “fervour” brings out all sorts of strong feelings and emotions in a person and as long as that person can handle the increased intensity. These intense feelings must be channelled properly in a positive manner and not used to fuel or inflame a specific challenge or problem in a negative way.

In other words “fervour” has a use in your network marketing experience, but it must be a limited one and not persistent, otherwise it will become too much and overwhelming.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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