Fear Of Criticism

The Fear Of Criticism Is Real

So the number 16 and last symptom of lack of persistence is the fear of criticism This enemy is absolutely top of the list and best left until last. We all hate this particularly nasty trait. We are creatures of habit and pride, when someone attacks us we either fight them and get angry or we slink away and hide.fear of criticism

What type of person are you? I know which type I am. I will let you guess. More importantly, how do you feel about this subject? I personally think that most people do not put plans of action into the starting phase because they listen to people and are basically afraid of what those same people are thinking, or what they might tell them.

People are also frantically running scared because they are worried people who are against them will actually do something, like stopping them. My statement to everyone is this. Take a look at what you want to do and ask yourself. ‘Do I want to do this?’

If the answer is, ‘YES.’ Then ‘JUST DO IT’ as the NIKE advert says. These naysayers and people who criticise are not the ones paying your wages, are they? So why should they have a say in what you do? You take control over your actions and emotions.

Start listening to yourself and take action. Be bold and believe in yourself. Be prepared to take the criticism and just laugh at them. But understand that you are going to make mistakes along the way. So are you ready to ram their criticisms down there throat, good?

Do not let this fear of criticism ace your future. So long as what you are doing is honest, ethical and morally right, just get on with it and ignore the negative garbage that comesĀ from the same old people on a regular basis.

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The fear of criticism.

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