Fast Buck Mentality Will Never Work

Fast Buck Mentality Is For The Amateur

The fast buck mentality tells me that a person is headed for a quick exit from their business opportunity. You either stay an amateur or you find out what a professional does and complete those things every day.

The fast buck mentality is similar to having the lottery mentality. You have to understand that there is work involved and it doesn’t come easily. You have to fight your way to success. fast buck mentality

This perception of becoming wealthy in a couple of months is a myth for most people. Yes, a few people can do this and that is absolutely fantastic. But for the vast majority of network marketers, it takes time, patience, commitment and a whole lot of consistent action.

Don’t Confuse A Sense Of Urgency For A Speedy Dollar Mentality

A healthy desire level can propel an individual to make money fast and that is okay. However, this does not mean that you are just going to turn up and the money is going to be handed to you without some pain or discomfort.

All entrepreneurs should have a sense of urgency to get the job done, but the amateur usually wants to do very little, cut corners and avoid the numbers. In reality, this just doesn’t work because there is normally a process to follow in order to reach achievement of any real value.

I think that this is why network marketing sometimes gets a bad rap. People turn up and if they don’t see success within a short space of time, they either quit, moan or attack their upline leaders or the company.

Your Way Of Thinking May Have To Change

My advice is to find someone who you relate to and who is successful and follow what they suggest. I think that you have to become a student first before you can emerge as a distributor who is respected and earning good money. Follow the system and don’t waste precious time and energy reinventing the wheel.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Lose The Lottery Mentality

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