Familiarity Security Comfort

Familiarity Security Comfort. What Comes To Mind When You Think Of These Three Words?

I think that these three words, familiarity, security and comfort, are very important, because they are really feelings about your surroundings and life in general.

You may well be asking what has this to do with my mlm or network marketing business? I would say everything really, let me explain.familiarity security comfort

Firstly to be a success in the home business industry you will need to extend yourself fully, dispel those limiting beliefs and get out of your comfort zone.

So, let us deal with the first word, familiarity. Familiarity is all about habits and the old cliche, ‘familiarity breeds contempt.’ How true is that, but we still do things the same old way and sometimes expect different or better results.

Now, obviously there are good habits and there are bad habits. I personally think that to be an ‘ACE’ in this industry you need to destroy all those rotten habits that you have accumulated over the years. You know what they are, don’t you?

This life is all about taking risks and you can decide which risks you are willing to take. But that does not mean being reckless, impulsive or gambling. The risk we are talking about here is believing in something that is bigger than you and doing something about it today.

If you want to settle for less than you can achieve just stick with those old boring, negative habits.

So let us look at security and its hold on your life.

Security is nothing more than a feeling and in some instances, it is just pure stagnation and a big excuse not to have to put your self out.

Security is keeping the status quo, not changing anything, remaining the same. Now obviously all these words go off on tangents as in the case of security. Now we know that someone like Barak Obama would need tremendous security around him, but we aren’t talking about that type of security.

Relate it to your life, and I fully realize we all need to feel secure and have some degree of certainty. What I am referring to is probably related to achievement, personal development, and finance.

If you are happy with your lot in life great. But please don’t sit there and gripe, whine or whinge when you are presented with a fantastic opportunity to change your finances and won’t even watch a short webinar or go on a conference call to find out some more.

Then, having not accepted the invitation, moan about not having enough money to buy Christmas presents, because for me that just doesn’t cut it.

Let’s move on to comfort and what it means to you. Again you can think of all sorts of things to do with comfort, being comfortable.

All I know is I feel extremely comfortable in first or business class when flying. Nobody can say that they like flying economy. If they do they are absolutely lying or are unaware (how I don’t know) that more comfort does exist. There are a lot of areas where comfort can be challenged.

The one that comes to mind is your comfort zone. Now, if you want to be a superstar in network marketing then you will have to get out of your comfort zone in many areas, such as using the telephone, talking to people or getting involved in advertising.

All I would say about comfort is this, you can decide to stay comfortable sitting in a box, watching a box all your life and end up with a lazy fat belly or you can go and walk two miles regularly. I know which one I will always take but what about you?

So, you make your decisions in life. Ask yourself some searching questions about your familiarity, security, and comfort. If you are happy with what you have got, who you are or what your circumstances are, then brilliant, carry on. But if you know that you want more out of life, please do something about it before it is too late. There are only so many winters, springs, autumns, and summers.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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