Fail Forward Keep Learning

Fail Forward Learn On The Move

Fail forward is the only way I know of learning anything. That is why I make loads of mistakes and keep coming back for more. I keep getting it wrong, tweak it and progress onward and upward. How do you feel about that? I wanted to be a public speaker at age 11 years. When I started I was so nervous the paper I was holding was visibly shaking. During my first school report I had to stop and ask the teacher what the word initiative meant and I had written the report. It has gotten a little better since then.

Even now I struggle with some public speaking. Normally when it is about me. I am very good when I speak on a subject that I have researched or have great knowledge on, but the heart stuff, no. Suppose I better keep training for that big event.

Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Luckily I have never had a problem with seeking help and asking the right people. I think that this is key in any profession. Some people don’t know, don’t ask and remain ignorant. They just get embarrassed I suppose. Me, I always go to the top to get my questions asked or find the information that I want. How about you?

People sometimes ask me when I am driving, “How comes you know your way about so well?” I answer, “Because I make a point of driving as many routes as possible, making numerous errors and not being afraid to consult maps or ask.” You know that you cannot always trust GPS or satellite navigation. But the key is that if you want something just

The Universe Has A Way Of Helping You If You Are Determined Enough

It really doesn’t matter if you are good at something or not. Make the decision to do it and the world steps aside and the solar system just seems to find out and it tells everyone else. But this only works if you are act powerful enough and are decisive.

You can fail forward regardless of the number of mistakes you make. I remember at age 10 I couldn’t play soccer/football very well. I decided to train every evening for one hour (weekdays only) over a two year period. I spent my time learning and teaching myself every conceivable way of simply controlling a ball. The result was EUREKA. At the end of that period I qualified for a professional trial with Chelsea FC. You to can fail forward and succeed.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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