Eyes Wide Open Or Eyes Wide Shut?

Are Your Eyes Wide Open Or Are Your Eyes Wide Shut?

When I talk about eyes wide open, I am discussing the circumstances of how you came to invest a specific amount of money or become involved in your network marketing business. Were you totally aware of what you were getting yourself into or were your eyes wide shut, meaning that you really weren’t paying that much attention to what was happening at the time and made no attempt to conduct some research before joining something or investing heavily.

You must have your eyes wide open if you are going to invest any money or your time in a business opportunity or any substantial investment. This means that awareness is the main watchword here and observing everything that is explained or shown to you.

Now I don’t particularly like skeptical people, I much prefer people to be cautious and to conduct their own due diligence and research before they commit themselves to anything. WHY?

Because if people come into an organisation or invest money with their eyes wide open, they are more prepared for any eventuality, they are less likely to be conned or deceived and they will make sure that they have all the information to hand. The idea is to reduce the chances of deception or failure.eyes wide open

You will need to know the money investment required exactly, including any monthly or additional fees. You need to know the truth, which will require you to ask the right questions, otherwise it could result in your money being wasted or stolen.

A person with their eyes wide open will ask the relevant questions, whereas a person who comes into a business or invests heavily with their eyes wide shut, will just go along with anything, keep the blinkers on and quit or in the case of an investment made, they will just end up writing off any money as a complete loss, possibly because they weren’t paying enough attention.

If I bring someone into a business opportunity I want them to know what is important, relevant and pertinent for them. I am looking for the person who has a tremendous amount of desire, is awake, alive to the possibilities and very observant. They don’t need to know absolutely everything that there is to know, just enough of the important stuff to make an educated decision.

In relation to a business opportunity, the key is to find prospective partners who are excited, smart and willing to listen, rather than a dud who just pays the money and then leaves after using up a lot of my valuable time, resources, and energy. That is why I am looking for people who come into a new venture with their eyes wide open and not eyes wide shut.

So the main key for a new person is to find an opportunity or an investment that peaks their interest and that they feel is going to be good for them. Then make sure that they ask a series of quality questions that produce enough of the right information so that they can arrive at a good decision.

There is no need to waste time and procrastinate when making decisions, however people must find out all that they can, before making a major decision. If there are large amounts of money involved in any decision, I would always strongly suggest seeking out independent financial advice, definitely in the case of investments or in the case of a business opportunity, conducting sufficient research. Anything worthwhile will stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Eyes wide open.