Excuses are Unacceptable

Excuses Are Unacceptable. Why?

Because to make excuses is just a cop out and in my opinion it is something that shouldn't be accepted. People need to stand up and be counted and not hide behind lies and half truths. Excuses are unacceptable.

There are too many people who are willing to take the easy way out and who refuse to tell it like it is. (I accept that there are certain situations, such as family tragedies, that will require you to put everything else aside)

I think that it is pathetic if a person hasn't got the balls to say it like it is and they come out with all kinds of reasons why they cannot go somewhere, cannot do something or cannot attend a function. You know the cat sprained his ankle, the parrot has a cold.

excuses are unacceptableOkay enough of the rant and let us deal with the coward or weak person.

Why would that be important for you to be able to have a degree of control over who you deal with in network marketing?

First of all do not tolerate or invest any time in people who are complete idiots or people who are going nowhere in life, because life is too short and it will cost you loss of money, time and energy, if you allow yourself to be affected by time wasters.

You have to be looking for a certain type of person when you are recruiting and that person must be ambitious, energetic, have desire and be a big thinker.

You avoid people who are lazy, those who just want  to kick tyres and those people who just suck the life out of you, by interviewing them properly, before you expose them to your business opportunity. 

The truth is always there and you cannot change people. You need to vet your prospective partners and treat your business with the respect it deserves, by keeping people with a poverty mindset away from it at all costs and away from you.

Oh and by the way, we have all made excuses or misled someone at some time in our life. This is not aimed at the person who makes a mistake, but it is aimed those who make a profession out of being negative and being energy robbers. 

Let me tell you a very short story about desire and not making excuses.

I joined a network marketing company in 2003 and it was and still is a fantastic billion dollar company in the health and wellness industry. 

One of the leaders of that company had a massive business in South Africa, which was fantastic.

But here was the twist to this story, most of that part of the business was conducted in the township of Soweto. I thought brilliant.

So here was a group of distributors who lived under corrugated roofs in a shanty town or similar. They had no money, no future and no status. 

But what they did have was a hunger, guts and determination. They also knew how to achieve success, albeit very small at first. They new how to dream and build a business, one small step at a time. 

They taught me how to scrap and fight for what I wanted. They were experts at solving problems, overcoming challenges and jumping over hurdles. 

As a group of people they showed how they brought innovation to the table (oops they didn't have a table), they went with the flow, they learned to adapt to their current situation, whatever that was at the time  and they overcame more than I ever thought possible. I was totally impressed with their outstanding attitude, because they knew how to win.

So, do you still have any excuses? No I don't suppose you do. I know because I ran out of mine.

To your success


Paul Bursey

Excuses are unacceptable.