Excessive Drama Is Unhealthy

Excessive Drama Is Unhealthy And Generally Avoidable

Excessive drama is unhealthy and will end your life prematurely, if you allow toxins into your life on a daily or weekly basis. Ensure that you are not subjected to or allow poisonous relationships to control your world.

We all will come into contact with intense conflict over a lifetime. That is a part of life and normally we can handle the stress. Most of the time intense conflict is rare. However certain people seem to attract it very easily and they want you to share it around with others. A little is okay, but a lot and you are in trouble, both mentally and physically.

As a network marketer, you need to eliminate these situations before they become that proverbial snowball running down the hill at speed. Because if you don’t stop the dramatics, they will surely become that runaway train which gains unstoppable momentum.

Don’t ever buy into someone’s bullshit and get wrapped up in conflict. Stay away from these drama queens, otherwise you will start to absorb their garbage. They are taking advantage of your good nature and kindness.

How Does Drama Affect My Business?

Life is too short to allow other people to enter your space if they either intent or recklessly spreading detrimental or harmful vibes or conversation. Because what will happen is that you will become totally consumed and enveloped in their disease.

As far as your business is concerned negative drama will eat away at every part of your life and business. You may start to forget your goals and your plans will definitely be disrupted. excessive drama is unhealthy

Instead of being cool, calm and relaxed, you will become stressful, angry and restless. Your attitude and your mindset will be damaged and this will lead to a lack of focus and concentration on what matters most. Can you see where this is headed?

Excessive drama is unhealthy and there is no place for it in your personal life or business. Once you make that decision to eject that person or persons from your world you will feel great and you can get back to normal.

Never live your life on someone else’s terms, make a promise to yourself today to control your thoughts, actions and environment. Do not put up with negative people for a moment. Your life will absolutely rock if you choose wisely. You do not want inner chaos to rule.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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