Excellence And Self Direction Are Critical

Do You Expect Excellence And Self Direction From Team Members?

I believe that team members are individuals and as such need to self-regulate themselves. They have total responsibility for themselves only and to a person who they perceive as a leader. So yes I do expect excellence and self direction.

As far as self-direction goes, they must decide what direction they are heading in, it’s their own choice. The leader is there as a guide and mentor only, available to them if they lose their way.excellence and self direction

I think everyone should take care of their own self-direction first and allow team members to find their own levels of performance and ambition during their personal journey of self-discovery.

I expect excellence from myself but I am not quite sure about expecting excellence from anyone else though. I think again that this will be their option or preference to select performance criteria, as this will determine if they progress to leadership or not. Team members cannot be criticised for their decisions because it is not the place for the supposed leader to judge them.

Personally, I am there for my team as a mentor, instructor, and guide but only if they ask for assistance. As a leader, you lead by example and not impose an edict on others.

What I can say is that I want my team members to be as successful as they possibly can, even if that means being five times more effective and wealthier than I am. I would get a buzz out of that and would never allow myself to be envious or jealous. 

So in closing, I would never expect excellence from others, only wish it for them. Also, my hope would be that each team member becomes a powerful and self-directed person in their own right.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Excellence and self-direction.

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