Relaunch Yourself Every Day

Can You Relaunch Every Day?

Relaunch yourself? Yes of course you can, because every day is a completely new day.

It is a chance or opportunity to either improve or right a wrong or mistake.

What does relaunching mean to a network marketer?

Well it means learning from past wins and errors, pressing the reset button and progressively charging on like a rhino. Realunch yourself daily.

You see it doesn’t really matter whether you had a good day or a bad day previously.

What matters is that this is another chance to shine and get the job done more efficiently and effectively than before.

Things Can Only Get Better

The network marketing professional always starts all over again next day, by tweaking their daily method of operation (DMO).relaunch-yourself-every-day

By relaunching or pressing the reset button, you clear the decks for business.

You eliminate or clear any remaining self doubt or negative garbage from your mind.

You see what happened yesterday is history and has no place in the new day.

Things will get better, but only if you want and allow them to. Never dwell on the past, focus on the present and the future.

Just Dust Yourself Down And Regroup

You do this whether you won or you lost. Celebrate all wins and learn from the failures.

The key thing is not to get bogged down by mistakes and lack of success. Dust yourself off, regroup, reset and get going one more time.

By all means give yourself a pat on the back for the good things that you have made happen, but don’t stop to long, because you will grind to a halt.

It is good to take some time to smell the roses, but don’t make it a study and remain static.

In Summary

It really doesn’t matter whether you succeeded or had setbacks yesterday. Learn the art of patient, persistent consistency. Relaunch yourself and put the counter back to zero.

If your goal is to speak to ten people a day, then do just that. Expect success, but accept any disappointments as they arrive and continue to move forward.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey