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Event Participation Is The Cherry On Top Of The Cake?

For those of you that have been to network marketing functions, you will know that event participation is crucial if you are to grow substantially in our industry.

Event participation makes the whole thing real and maybe turns that small business in your mind into this massive possibility. Yes you knew it was a fantastic business before, but actually being there is something else. Those people that you had been listening to on conference calls and seen on the company videos are there, they do exist and you can actually approach and talk to them. face to face is a whole new ball game.

When Does Event Participation Start?

Event participation starts at the precise moment that the dates are announced on a call or on a website. So you need to start promoting the event at the first opportunity and consistently thereafter.

Print this next sentence out and stick it where you can see it everyday.

'The key is to work towards events as a strategy and promote the hell out of it.'

These companies quite often tie in competitions or promotions that run alongside the calendar leading up to the event, which you should also promote heavily.  

Promoting events and event participation are two of the most vital components of rapid growth within a team.event participation

What Can Event Participation Do For You Individually?

Event participation allows you to improve your networking skills as you build towards the conference or convention and then enhance those skills even further when you attend the event location on the day in question.

Attending the conference is an exciting way of building your self confidence, as you realise that the people in network marketing are just normal people with outstanding goals and you can move about amongst them improving dialogue, self image and posture.

Event participation could bring you out of your shell if you are slightly introverted and shy. Remember you have to have courage and be brave at events, because it it time and money wasted if you don't mix thoroughly with others whilst you are there.

You get to make some brilliant contacts at events and these can be great for your business. Sometimes these people you meet can become lifelong friends, so never waste any opportunity to network.

The last thing that events can do for you individually is that it gets your face known amongst the community. Take the time to get in people's faces and tell them your name. This can have a enormous impact on your business later on in your journey, when you want to ask people for help or take part in joint ventures. If you are unknown the chances of them working with you are very much diminished.

What Will Event Participation Achieve For The Team?

One of the most overlooked things is that event participation allows you to meet your team face to face, maybe for the first time. You should never underestimate this as a powerful tool. It also allows individual members of a group or team to meet their upline leadership. This is a vital cog in the whole wheel, because your team member may not relate to you personally, but they may relate to your sponsor or someone further up the line.

At events the whole team mixes and gels together. They get to meet everyone else in that team and will then feel part of the event, instead of feeling apprehensive and isolated. They will get to talk to others and make great friendships.

This all then promotes the team identity, as people just love to be a part of something more than themselves and it also solidifies the team. This will enable future projects to take place within the team and it becomes easier for team members to become involved in lead co-ops and team promotions etc. 

In Summary

Event participation is a win win for all parties concerned and is one of those magical things that should be taught from day one in the business. It is mutually beneficial to all who partake and is a very important part of network marketing. 

The leaders who do not understand this will surely perish, in a networking sense. 

Event participation not only will teach your team members to work one to one, but in larger groups as well and this will lead everyone into masterminding, coaching and mentoring, which can only help everyone concerned.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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