Are You Ethical Responsible Profitable?

Ethical Responsible Profitable. It Is The Only Way

You Have To Be Ethical

In the home business profession, you see people using both ethical ways of doing business and unethical methods. Always employ great ethics in everything that you do. We all know what is ethical and what is bad practice.

A lot of people seem to think that they can go about their business doing what they like and being totally unprofessional and objectionable.

The question remains, ‘Why are you in business?’ I say the reason you are in business is to give great service first and make a profit as a secondary goal. Because if you take care of people, they will indirectly take care of you.  A lot of people cannot see this for some reason.

So you must act ethically and follow industry standards, because if you don’t then your income will be temporary. I think one of the keys for me is doing unto others as you would have them do to you.ethical responsible profitable

Being ethical is going about your business by way of acceptable behaviour. Everyone within the home business arena has to protect everyone working within it, no matter what business you represent, because any wrong doing reflect on the industry as a whole.

Be Responsible For Who You Are

This is very closely aligned with ethics and is concerned with individuals and corporations being totally responsible for their behaviour and actions. I will let the corporations sort themselves out and just talk about individuals.

First of all a distributor that represents a company will have to accept total responsibility for his or her success and failure. You cannot shift the blame here like a lot of people do. People fail generally because they lack the will to be a success and achieve. It isn’t down to your sponsor, upline or the company normally, unless you have been misled or lied to. If you aint cutting it look in the mirror not outwardly towards someone else.

Secondly an individual is reponsible for becoming supremely knowledgeable about their profession, industry, products, company and themselves. It is great early on if you can lean on someone else a bit, but don’t make a career out of it. Learn the answers to all the questions that may come up or at least know where to look.

Responsibility is one of the biggest signs of business maturity that exists. Learn the game, learn the rules and just plain get on with it.

Be responsible for your goals, dreams and plans as well. If you need help then ask, please don’t ignore the help available. Ask quality questions from exceptional people and you will be given outstanding education.

Be Profitable In Business

In the end though we do need to make a profit. Without profit you will not be happy and feel fulfilled business and achievement wise.

This is where you need to know your company’s compensation plan and also where you see yourself within that structure. Because if you do not know, please do not expect anyone else to know. This is where great communication works for you between you and your upline leaders and then your team.

One of the biggest ways of becoming profitable in a network marketing business is to works as a team and help each other. Never let anyone become isolated, because that is the first step to oblivion within our industry.

You make money by taking care of your customers and giving them brilliant service and also by ensuring your team get what they want in the long run.

In the end all these three key areas will definitely take you nearer to your unltimate goal if you pay attention and treat each area here with respect and employ the smart work ethic.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Ethical Responsible Profitable