Establishing Yourself As An Authority

Why Consider Establishing Yourself As An Authority?

Because if you do not start the process now you will be wasting your time on the internet. Google and Facebook have already rejected network marketers from their paid advertising, pay per click and it is going to get much worse unless you become a professional.establishing yourself as an authority

Becoming a professional is the norm now, but most of you will never make it, will you? Why? Because you are not prepared to knuckle down and do what is required.  This is the reason why only a small percentage of people make it in our profession.

How did that make you feel when you read that? Believe me, though, forget the big money unless you start establishing yourself as today as an authority in one specific area.

Pick a niche and learn it backward, sideways or any which way. It takes a bit longer but does not compromise with doing things in the right way. It doesn’t take 10,000 hours to learn a niche thoroughly, but it does take focus and dedication.

Establishing yourself as an authority gives you credibility to your audience desires. People like to do business with those that they know, like and trust. In fact, I would say that most people out there want only want to deal with authority figures. Not the ones who tell them what to do like a dictator, but someone who is or has been in the trenches, knows and tells it like it is. In other words, they are seen as an authority. People will listen and hopefully take action listening to the words of an authority figure or guru.

The good news is that anyone reading this can do it, but most won’t. I hope that you do work at becoming an authority within your chosen niche.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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