Entrepreneurs Make Connections To Ensure Progress

Entrepreneurs Make Connections Daily

Entrepreneurs make connections in the thousands over the course of their career in network marketing. Personally, I believe the keys here are awareness and communication. It’s all about how you begin a dialogue with a new person or an existing acquaintance. Communication is just another word to describe a connection.

Also, it is about how you connect with someone, which will have a direct influence on the results you receive from your communications. So ask yourself this question, ‘Do I connect with people in the right way?’entrepreneurs make connections

It is the excellence of your connection that is the critical factor here and that relates to the quality of the questions that you ask during your dialogue with another person. The reason that you ask questions is to elicit information about that individual so that you can determine whether what they say is useful and important or not.

The very best entrepreneurs are always making brilliant connections because they are aware and understand how important it is to build a bridge between them and their contact.

So how many connections is it going to take to be successful? To be fair we don’t really know exactly. But, it has been suggested that a network marketer would need to put 1200 people in front of their presentation to have a great chance of hitting the top positions in their company.

What we can say is that you, as a network marketer will need to speak to many people every day in order to win. If that feels uncomfortable, then tough. If you want to accomplish something of significance you will need to become a master of communication and connection.

I hope that everyone reading this blog entry makes adjustments towards improving the connections that they make when contacting other people, to enhance the building of their respective businesses.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Entrepreneurs make connections.

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