Educate Inspire and Motivate

Entrepreneurs Have To Educate Inspire and Motivate If They Wish To Succeed In This Economy

Educate inspire and motivate are three vital abilities that a team builder must learn. So what does the budding entrepreneur or network marketer need to do in order to survive and thrive each year?

First of all, they must know their intended outcome, what they really want. Then they have to decide their target market, where their passion really is. It is that passion that will make the real difference.

Yes, you can be highly profitable entering niches that you have little or no interest in, but it is more joy and fun to be creating stuff that you love to do.

So you know your outcome, your ambitions, and your goals. Now you need to provide a serious amount of value for your subscribers and the best way to do this is by giving tremendous value freely. Here are three vital keys to developing a list of subscribers and turning them into buyers.


So the critical key here is to provide or educate for FREE on a regular basis. Then if people learn to like and trust you they will buy from you when they are ready. You must give something of outstanding value, such as a great newsletter.educate inspire and motivate

A great example of this is Michael Oliver from

I was on Michael’s subscriber list for three years and loved it. I wanted to learn all about the use of dialogue and soft selling techniques that was of benefit to both parties in a potential sale.

You can also develop your own education or you can partner up with someone in a Joint Venture (JV) and leverage off of them, as I have in the past.


What is the best way to inspire someone?

To become successful at what you do and show people how you have done it. People get inspired in their own way, but personally, I love to see other people doing extremely well.

I think just getting out there and producing results is the best kind of leadership. The very best leaders inspire through massive action.

It is all very good being a fantastic speaker, as some are, but there is something magical about just plain doing it. You cannot beat it.


Now, I firmly believe that motivation has to be self-created. It is no good if you have to be pumped up by someone else to get into some action. You know having to listen to some uplifting audio or watching an inspiring video to get yourself to move.

If you are not motivated to succeed, then the place to spend time at is the mirror. If you are not motivated then quit, it is that simple.

If you unmotivated then examine your whys and your reasons, just maybe they aren’t strong enough.

So motivation comes from inside and not outside. It comes from that inner drive to inspire yourself and achieve your dream(s).

So Entrepreneurs Have To Educate, Inspire and Motivate. Not Wait For That Person To Show Up. Because They May Well Be Waiting A Very Long Time. By All Means, Educate and Inspire Others, But Learn To Motivate Yourself. Never Leave That Important Job To Anyone Other Than Yourself.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Educate inspire and motivate.