Energy Passion Drive Are Called For

Energy Passion Drive: You Will Not Succeed Without These Qualities

Energy Passion Drive: Without these components, anything you partake in will be a flop, most probably. You must have enthusiasm or there is no point in even starting a project or a venture in the first place. Along with the strong reason or dream, these attributes come first on the long road to your desired outcome.

Can you imagine Mo Farah or Usain Bolt going into the RIO Olympics without strength and vitality. Both are required for sustained physical or mental activity. The same goes for you and me, we need to display certain characteristics in abundance if we want to achieve or win. I can just imagine an athlete inspiring confidence in his nation, if he was walking about the Olympic village bored, lack lustre and slouched. It doesn’t happen in the world of achievers, does it? You must ooze energy

So inject the necessary energy into everything that you do. You cannot have an poor attitude or bad self image, if you want to be first to the tape and win that gold medal. Remember you can still win by not getting the gold. You are still a champion as long as you have given it your best shot, your absolute best.

Loving What You Do Will Ensure Success If You Are Hungry

As Steve Jobs said, “You must love what you do.” if you don’t then get out right now, because you are in the wrong job, sport, career or business. I could not be involved in anything I didn’t love and enjoy. I can honestly say that working for the police from September 1971 until December 2006 was great and I enjoyed 95% of it. When I was an athlete and soccer player I just loved being out there on the track or pitch and giving it my all.

Now loving what you do does not mean that it won’t be hard. You are going to have some crap days, but on the whole you must look forward to getting up every day and getting into the grind. To win you have to be excited when you wake up and want to get into the fray as soon as possible. It is your passion and work ethic that will shine through. You must have passion for what you do or you are just spinning wheels in your life.energyenergy-passion-drive

Once you are there at the track or on the soccer field this is the place to employ that thing called drive. This is where you propel yourself forward with relish. You use drive to maintain momentum and motivation to help you attain a goal or satisfy a need. To use drive you must want it badly enough though. So utilise energy passion and drive to their fullest capacity in order to be victorious.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Energy Passion Drive