Employment vs Self Employment

Employment vs Self Employment. Which Is Better?

When I started a high ticket business opportunity in August 2006 I was led to believe that being an employee was basically a dirty word and if you had a job you were a loser. Employment vs eelf employment definitely raises lots of questions and fierce debate.

To be fair I got mixed up with that awful thought pattern for a while.

‘We need someone to clean our house.’

So let’s talk about this for a short while here.

So is it wrong to be in employment?  Of course not, that is ridiculous, isn’t it.

employment vs self employmentFirst of all it is a personal decision whether you want to earn x amount of dollars, pounds or euros per hour.

Second it is also your own decision whether or not you decide to start a home business or not.


Thirdly, you can make your own mind up about attending a course or taking a degree course.

Personally I worked for employers for many years and I chose to leave my job with the police in London and become an entrepreneur. Has there been ups and downs, yes you bet.

Has it been a brilliant journey? It has been a blast and the journey is still ongoing. So have I made money? I can honestly say that I have earnt $20,000 in one week.

Have I had weeks where I have made absolutely nothing? Oh yes, that is what happens in a high ticket business.

At the present time I receive a pension from my time in the police, work part time as a health and safety instructor and I make money on the internet.

You see it is all about personal balance and finding what works for you and not what someone else suggests or tells you to do.

Do you love your job? If you do carry on and do it to the best of your ability.

My ex girlfriend was a very good waitress and absolutely loved her job. The hourly pay was pathetic, but the tips were normally really good. However the key was doing the job made her happy and she didn’t want to do anything else.

You see it is all about your selection of career or business etc. Employment Vs Self Employment always causes arguments and differences of opinion.

Do what you have passion for and what gives you the most satisfaction. If you leave employment to become an entrepreneur, make sure you know what you are getting into and understand the pros and cons.

Some people quit there home business because it is not paying and have to go back to a job. Sometimes they feel that they are a complete failure and that is incorrect. They should not feel ashamed about going back to a job, because at least they gave it there best shot.

My advice is you do not have to burn your boats like Hernando Cortez did in 1519, there is no need to do that.

But do what is right for you and your family. If it is being an entrepreneur, then great. If it is remaining an employee, fantastic and if you can combine them both even better.

My own personal tip here, is not to keep your eggs all in one basket, because at any time one can horribly wrong. If you lose one out of three, maybe you are not looking that bad.

So in conclusion, when people talk about employment Vs self employment, they will be giving their own viewpoint. The most critical thing here is how you feel and what you want, period.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Employment Vs Self Employment

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