Emotional Intelligence And Leadership

Are Emotional Intelligence And Leadership Important?

The two components of emotional intelligence and leadership should go hand in hand. They compliment each other well and if you hope to become a recognized leader in any field you will have to learn how to become stable and hold your emotions in check.

The Components to Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

The first leadership component to improving your emotional intelligence is to refrain from entering into adverse or negative dialogue with other people who have persistently dumped garbage on you whilst in your presence or on the telephone.

This may well be the time to stop being around those poisonous, insidious and infectious people who have been an integral part of your former life.

Remove yourself from talking and listening to information and gossip that is just going to bring you down or at least drag you down to their level. As a leader, you cannot allow this to happen, period.

The second leadership component is knowing that improving your emotional intelligence centers around taking full responsibility and being accountable for what you personally say and how you respond to events.

It does not really matter how badly you are feeling, you do not share your negative feelings and thoughts with others. If you are going to take part in some form of conversation, then ensure it is always positive in nature.emotional intelligence and leadership

Remember there are always positives that you can zero in on. Also, you must learn how to respond positively to the events that happen around you, because you and you alone are responsible for your own behavior. Learn to smile and chuckle to yourself when you act or respond in a positive manner.

The third key to raising your emotional intelligence in leadership is by surrounding yourself with people of self-discipline, who do not let their emotions spin out of control and who are good at holding their true feelings in check. In the leadership arena, you want to be around people who know where they are going, people who are calm under pressure and don’t buckle easily. It is time to surround yourself with an uplifting, inspirational and positive crowd.

Remember that a leader is a leader all of the time, not some of the time and by raising the standards of your emotional intelligence is a vital factor in the process of becoming and or remaining a leader.

The Future of Emotional Intelligence

“I think in the coming decade we will see well-conducted research demonstrating that emotional skills and competencies predict positive outcomes at home with one’s family, in school, and at work. The real challenge is to show that emotional intelligence matters over-and-above psychological constructs that have been measured for decades like personality and IQ. I believe that emotional intelligence holds this promise.”

Source:  Peter Salovey, “Emotional What?” EQ Today.


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