Either You Do Or You Don’t

Either You Do Or You Don’t. There Are No Half Measures As An Entrepreneur.

Either you do or you don’t. This appears to be a true statement, or is it? People normally act or they decide to do absolutely nothing. There is no middle ground, because even if a person starts to do what is necessary in order to get going, they don’t follow through and keep going. They complete a few things and then stop.

Successville will nearly always give you what you deserve and not necessary what you want in life. The Universe will either conspire to help you or it will seem to find a way of stopping you. But really the Universe is allowing you to play a game.

The game is linked to action or a lack of action. If you engaged in the right things you have a chance to win. If you are determined enough the world will get out of your way. But if you are lazy or you procrastinate the world will get in your way and cause problems.

So if you work hard and smart you may succeed, but if you chose the easy way out, then you have no chance whatsoever of achieving anything. There are never any guarantees with success and achievement. You can only do your best.

However I believe that there is most definitely a guarantee of losing or failure if you fail to act, become a couch potato or just loaf around.either-you-do-or-you-dont

There are some grey areas here, but the message is clear and simple most of the time, either you do or you don’t. I am a former athlete and I can tell you without reservation, that you have to graft to be able to reach the end game with a favourable outcome.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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