Effective Training Can Help

Can Effective Training Help Network Marketers?

There appears to be a split in thinking, between the need for effective training and allowing people to find out how to do things for themselves. In other words there are some network marketing leaders, out there, who do not believe in having a training platform for their organization and there are other people in leadership positions who believe that a training platform is crucial in order to guide teams and groups. Who is right?

Both Sides Of The Argument

I understand both sides of the argument, but I fall on the side of having an outstanding training platform available for network marketers. WHY? I would want training available because everyone is an individual, with completely different levels of understanding, desires and capabilities. Each person comes from a unique place and you cannot expect all people to fend for themselves in this fast paced world, when there are so many outside pressures placed upon them.

effective training

But I do believe that everyone should take their own massive action and learn to do things themselves, but at the same time being able to use organised training as part of their learning curve. Not everyone can operate without help and assistance. Some people are more driven and will not require so much training, but others may need a lot of training and you must cater for everyone in an organization.

You could say the same about communication, recruiting and follow up. I speak to many people and the differences in ability is a bit like chalk and cheese. Some people take to dialogue and talking confidently to others very quickly, but there are others who are scared witless about talking to a stranger or public speaking. So a training platform, in addition to one on one training, can bridge the gap for these people and allow them to grow and thrive. 

Go Getters Versus The Tortoises

There are a few go getters out there, who only really need winding up, have the key taken out, set in the right direction and then released. You then have the other side of the coin, where the so called tortoises (the masses) will take their time, plod along and that is absolutely fine. You cannot expect everyone to be an instant lion or rhino, it is not going to happen. The sink or swim policy is seriously flawed, effective for the few, but potentially disastrous for the many.

The thing is you don't really know who the ace is going to be. Just because someone makes a lot of noise and puts his or her foot down on the accelerator hard, doesn't necessarily mean they are going to fly like an eagle. It is the case of the Maserati over the vintage car, the 100 metre sprinter over the 10,000 metre runner, who really knows who will be the most productive and who is better the fast and the furious or the strategist?

We want team members to be creative, self expressive, independent, action takers, innovators and being able to adapt to any given situation, but I say allow those people to get to that position with or without help and at their own pace. So training platform becomes extremely vital for the progressive network marketing leader, in order to give all of their people the best chance of succeeding.

Set The Bar At A High Level

Now I know that only the strong survive and we need to set the bar at a high level, but we also we need to allow everyone the chance of jumping over that bar. We can do this by developing excellent training programs for everyone and then the individual can make their own mind up as to whether they require their use or not.

The other thing to consider is duplication on a large scale. Maybe you are a superstar, but these are rare. We all need a thriving and vibrant community to bring people into where people can find their own level. As a so called leader in this industry you have to adopt the bigger picture here, otherwise you are going to be left behind by the wise ones.

In Summary

So, in the majority of cases, effective training is just another part of your network marketing arsenal, you may not be too interested in having it around, but it will be a necessary component of your success moving forward and in this way you are taking care of your teams requirements and not just focusing on a small group of elite people. 

Yes, you are going to be spending most of your time, one on one, with those individuals who show promise or produce results and I fully understand that, but you have to provide some kind of structure for everyone else, otherwise you will be doing those people a disservice and looking at it in a purely business viewpoint, they produce volume. But the key here is they are people in their own right, you have a responsibility as a leader and they also deserve the chance to progress when it is right for them.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey