Duplication In Network Marketing

How Do You Create Duplication In Network Marketing?

To ensure duplication in network marketing you need to make sure that you are working with a leader that is worth following and they (the leader) promote and encourage simplicity, as well as effectiveness. In other words that leader must be aware, not only what they themselves are doing, but making sure that what their individual actions are easy to follow by all team members.

There are some leaders who are fantastic at specific things, such as marketing and recruiting, but when you actually analyse exactly how they initiate or complete these components, you find that their way does not lend itself to duplication or group usage. Duplication in network marketing is a joy to watch, if it works well.

This is where the magic is in network marketing, teaching doable things to team members and have them show their teams as well. If you can get this one thing right, then this will probably have a dramatic affect on your earning capability. Duplication in network marketing will earn you big money, if you remain  vigilant and alive to simple action plans and tasks.

An Example Of Duplication In Action

Here is an example of a phrase that anyone can use, that by it’s sheer simplicity, is duplicable. So let us say that you are talking to a team member and they have asked you tell them one way of starting some meaningful dialogue or conversation with an acquaintance. I would tell them to ask their contact this question, “Who do you know who is ambitious?” duplication in network marketing

The above question is easy to remember, it is precise and very brief. It will also, most probably, invite some kind of  response from that person also. Now, that response may be that person saying, “Yes I am.” OR they may say, “No sorry I don’t know anyone like that.” 

You can keep the lines of communication open by saying, “Well if you do come across someone who is ambitious, can you send them in my direction?” OR you could say something like this, “What about you, are you ambitious?”

Where Duplication In Network Marketing Goes Haywire

It is so easy to over complicate things in this industry and everyone needs to keep a watchful eye on everything that is taking place. When you make things too difficult, time consuming or expensive, duplication will rush out of the door and your profits and that of your team leaders will disappear or reduce significantly.

Duplication in network marketing must occur in the right way from day one in a new persons business. Remember the newbie is watching what you do, so make sure the master copy is worth copying. That will cover all actions, visual representations and mindset stuff, such as, attitudes, recruiting, dialogue and technologies. To be fair you could go on for ever with this list, but hopefully you understand where I am coming from here?

What Is The Essence Of Duplication?

Duplication in network marketing is the goal and dream of all successful leaders within the industry. Duplication occurs through leverage and what you are looking for is smooth, easy, effective and fun, not confusing, boring, overwhelming and hard to use.

So how do you know when you have cracked the code? When everyone in your team, group or organisation can look at what you do and say, “I can do that.” That is what it really is all about.

You never want a bunch of clones in your business, but a group of excited individuals, who can show creative flair without rocking the boat. So the structure of an organisation must allow people to thrive and grow, but at the same time offer some excellent training and guidance.

Duplication in network marketing is about strength through cooperation, not necessarily re-inventing the wheel, but allowing acceptable innovation to take place, which is good for all.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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