Draw A Line In The Sand?

You Must Draw A Line In The Sand

Draw a line in the sand now. Why? Because you have been retreating throughout your life and it is time to stand firm and fight back.Stop taking crap and push back, you are bold, powerful and confident and there is only now.

There are times when you lag behind every one else or at least the majority of sharp pace-setting leaders. Go on be honest. You know that you have let things slide and maybe it is time to make your mark, would that be a fair comment?

In athletics they call it the maintenance phase, where you just do enough to get by, but is that enough for you? No probably not, as you are an outstanding candidate, who hasn’t upped the pace yet.

Maybe it is that time for you to increase your production and hit the heights as a network marketing leader.

But you must be ready to draw a line in the sand, meaning that you must start and gain some very fast momentum.

Frustration May Take Over If You Fail To Recognize This Defining Moment

Some people miss their chance or chances to spark up their network marketing business, because they lack the drive and the required observation skills.

You must develop super awareness of everything that surrounds you and ensure that you do not miss out on any opportunities out there.

The trouble is there is always a time when a person should pick the ball up and run with it. If the situation remains unchanged, the chance may be lost forever.draw-a-line-in-the-sand

I was always used to a high level of athletics training and I found out that when I backed off I was more prone to injury than when I was working hard. When I returned to proper training it became so much harder to get going again. The longer I left it, the longer it took me to start again, sometimes up to a year.

So there had to come a time when I said, “Enough is enough.” I had to draw that line in the sand and say to myself, “I am never going to go back to a life of inactivity, because it just doesn’t serve me.”

The Network Marketing Profession Is Similar, Daily Activity Is Crucial.

If you stop progressing you will lose the initiative and momentum. On a lot of occasions you will be lost forever, because you won’t be able to get going again. That would be like throwing away, time invested, money spent and opportunity shown you and then dispatching them into the bin. What a shame and a total waste.

You hear people talk about perseverance and consistency, but few actually practice these outstanding skills in network marketing. To be fair they are easier than you think they are, because you are a master at these already.Draw a line in the sand now and grab the chance to become a superstar.

Do you consistently brush your teeth at least twice a day, if so why?

If you lost your bank card, would you just accept it and say, “Well I don’t need the money.” No, of course not, you would telephone the bank and order a new one, wouldn’t you?

You would do whatever it took to be able to gain access to your money, so why won’t you do the same with your MLM? You can do this my friend, so get serious, draw the line in the sand and get moving NOW! The key is not to let things get out of hand. So give yourself a serious ultimatum.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey