Doubt Is Like A Poison

Doubt Destroys The Good

Have you ever doubted yourself? Of course, you have, we all have. But I believe that the real problem is the sheer amount of times that we let a lack of conviction seep into our lives.doubt

There is an insidious word that precedes doubt and that word is indecision. If you mix confusion and indecision then it will produce some kind of fear. So being decisive is the key to being uncertain, making quick decisions and sticking with them, rather than changing your mind regularly, is critical.

What comes up for me also is the words courage and confidence. If you think about it all these words are closely linked. Feel just one of these words, such as doubt and all these other areas are affected.

So be brave, stand out from the crowd and smash all fears, doubts, and indecisions. Decide to take the challenge on and do not let anything stand in your way. 

Understand this also, that uncertainty will pass, it is temporary. If doubt starts to creep in then nip it in the bud, but if it starts to really get at you, change your mood. Read something uplifting, inspirational or happy, go for a walk or run. Do something that is fun, puts you in a good place. Then you can return to face your problem, challenge or obstacle.

Do not tolerate doubt for a minute, move quickly to place yourself back on the right track.

It is a skill to be able to identify those times when you are doubting yourself, your product or your business opportunity. You may start to criticise or feel envious of someone’s success. Also, you may start to lie to yourself or others and make excuses to cover up those doubts. 

As long as you realize that doubt will appear occasionally, just as long as you understand what it is and dispel it rapidly.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey