Don’t Just Stand There Be Inspired

Don’t Just Stand There Get On With It

Inspiration or desperation, which one is it going to be? Look don’t just stand there and do nothing.

Hopeful, y inspiration is the driving force which has you focused on your dreams and goals.

So many times, people just wait until things are so bad, before they start to move forward and actually make some progress. But this smacks of desperation and not the best choice if you aim to achieve something of significance. Being desperate will never inspire you.

So I suppose the question to be answered is this. “How do I become inspired enough to succeed and reach my goal?”

don't just stand there

To become inspired, will take some  strong reasons, if you are to become successful. So are your reasons strong enough, to drive you forward through those times when your back is up against the wall or when you just feel plain ill?

Inspiration comes from within, from deep inside your mind and heart. How badly do you want this? This is the critical factor in succeeding at anything. In other words you must have it to such an extent that it borders on obsession. Napoleon Hill calls it a burning desire and he is absolutely spot on with these two words.

Jim Rohn says, “if you are not inspired I hope hope a waggon comes down your rut.” I love that quote, but he is also correct, because there is no hope for the person who cannot move themselves to act and drive on towards achieving whatever their ambition is.

To me being inspired is personal and cannot be affected by outside influences, such as CDs, books or seminars. You cannot use these things to pump you up, but they are vital components of your success arsenal.

To be inspired is knowing what to do and then getting on with the task in hand and not waiting to be inspired by another.

So the title of this blog entry was, “Don’t just stand there, be inspired.” and what that meant was don’t stand around the edges watching everyone else taking action , you take action through inspiration.

If you take action through inspiration it will become fun, but if you decide to act because you are desperate, then that will become just plain old drudgery.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Don’t just stand there.

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