Don’t Give Up When The Going Gets Tough

Don’t Give Up On Your Purpose

Don’t give up. Giving up is easy, as most people find out during their life cycle. Let me ask you this question, “When things get a little hard or too difficult, do you walk away?” In other words are you the type of person who will find a way to break through or are you afraid of the obstacles that the world throws at you?

The real breakthrough crowd are few and far between. They are in the top 3% of network marketers, sports people, entrepreneurs and leaders who refuse to walk away, when confronted by a problem, a hurdle or an unwelcome situation.

Most challenges can be faced and dealt with simply enough. You can always find a way to succeed if you really want to. Now, I know that there are some brick walls that cannot be climbed, but these are few and rare. The big issue here is the individual’s reluctance to take something on and to find a way over, under, around or through a that specific task.

What should happen is that this insurmountable task should be placed at the top of the action list and not set aside or dismissed. Unfortunately a high percentage of people would either run or hide away, rather than oppose the tyrant that was facing them.don't give up

It is important for you to jump in straight away and get the job done, whatever it is. If you cannot do it on your own, seek the help of another person, preferably someone who is more experienced. You could also set up a small mastermind group to help each other overcome any problem.

Whatever you do, please don’t give up without a fight. Your psyche will love the fact that you are still in the game and scrapping and you will feel good having dispelled a fear that you may possess.

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