People’s Negativity Is Infectious

People’s Negativity. Is Infectious

If you accept every lame excuse that is thrown at you, it will wipe you out over time. Amazingly some people actually buy into people’s negativity.

But there are genuine circumstances that would cause a person to shut down mentally or require their attendance somewhere else, such as a death in the family.

We must be mindful, respectful and show compassion towards those people.

However People’s Negativity Will Harm You

People’s negativity will wear you down gradually, so that you will in fact become ineffective as a leader or network marketer, if you constantly buy into their stories.

The group of people I am referring to are the regular complainers, whiners and procrastinators.

As a general rule those people who chuck negative comments, situations and drama in your direction are just remaining inside their own excuses, bad luck and misfortune.

It’s True! Everyone Gets Rained On

We all have our fair share of problems, challenges and obstacles to overcome and jump over, but the progressive ones don’t stay down on the floor.

Obviously it so easy to be drawn into a world of negativity and I have found that if I complete my 30 minutes exercise and 30 minutes personal development every day, I remain in a fantastic place. If I don’t, then it is totally the opposite.peoples-negativity-is-infectious

We have to stay on top of our emotions and sometimes it is very challenging to remain up, but isn’t this what makes life interesting and exciting.

To Summarize

If you fill a jug or pitcher with clear water and then drop a minute amount of ink into it, the water will discolor quickly. Imagine allowing negative language, arguments and disagreements into your life on a regular basis. You will become tired, jaded and feel down extremely fast.

So the key is to avoid people’s negativity at all costs. Just don’t buy into any of that garbage. Coach and teach your teams to complete their personal development daily and stay on right on target consistently.

Life will beat you to your knees, if you allow it to. Learn to stay up all the time. No one can tell or dictate to you how you should feel. It is your choice. You have total control on what you do, how you act and how things affect you. You are a winner, so act accordingly.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey