Don’t Be A People Pleaser

Don’t Be A People Pleaser. Why Would You Want To?

Don’t become a people pleaser. The main reason for this is that it smacks of being a ‘Yes Person.’ Someone who just wants to go along with the crowd and avoids taking full responsibility and thereby never reaching the higher status of becoming an outstanding leader and remaining a follower for eternity. Don’t be a people pleaser.

In the police I found that there were a lot of people like that. Now I am sure that those type of people exist everywhere. You know the people who say to themselves, “I mustn’t ruffle any feathers.” or “I don’t want to upset anyone.”

My experience also tells me that these are the same people who may stab you in the back and talk behind your back. I think we all need to learn when to shut up and when to talk and act progressively. But don’t become a people pleaser just to avoid confrontation or shut someone up.

I am sorry but occasionally you need to step up to the mark and stand out from the crowd, otherwise you will always be an also-ran and be perpetually disappointed with your lot in life.

Stay Away From People Pleasers

Personally I stay away from people who always say, “I just don’t want to make a fuss.” If people are shying away from upsetting the apple cart occasionally, then they are probably very weak and will not amount to very much.don't be a people pleaser

This doesn’t mean not becoming a great team player or listening to those who are more experienced. We must do that regularly. But what it really means is not becoming wishy-washy and learning to be bold when it is required.

Now being a yes person or people pleaser, doesn’t mean you need to become a nasty person, far from it.

You Will Need A Pleasing Personality

If you want to get on in life and business you will need to have a pleasing personality and be able to communicate and talk to other people, but avoid just going along with everything that people say and do, just to refrain from peering over that parapet and get noticed.

I hate to say it, but you as a person, will need to step out of your comfort zone at various times and not be held back by others. It is so easy and comfortable to remain static and keep quiet, but understand that you need to speak and act in order to win the game of life. Holding back will ace your future.

Yes there will be times when you will need to back off and bite your lip, but don’t make a career out of it. Stand up and be counted when the need arises. Stride forward and take the microphone, if you feel the urge to speak. Don’t always say to yourself, “If only.”

People pleasers seem to go with the flow permanently, never making decisions and agreeing with others, whether they agree or not and whether believe in what they are engaged in or not. It is a shame, but that is the way it is.

In Conclusion

Now I know that you are not only a super team player, but a servant driven leader in the making. Promise me that you will not kowtow to everyone, only those who deserve your respect and admiration. Feel proud of your business opportunity and move forward to become a strong and confident leader.

Do what is right and not what you think other people want. Don’t lie down and let people walk all over you. Because at the end of the day you are there for a reason, so go do it with passion, tenacity and persistence.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Don’t be a people pleaser.