Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Handcuffed By Fear

I Think That You Have Been Handcuffed By Fear For Too Long Now.

The chances are that at some stage in your life you have been gripped with some kind of fear, that has held you back in your network marketing business. You are not alone, because many thousands of people have suffered or are suffering from some kind of fear, that is preventing them from becoming successful. Never be handcuffed by fear.

They say that three of the biggest challenges are public speaking fears, overcoming phone fear and the fear of rejection. These three fears are very closely aligned with network marketing, aren’t they?

These fears can bring on panic attacks by just thinking about them, can’t they. I know that previously I avoided calling leads on the phone, been frightened about talking in front of a crowd and I have always hated rejection.

Even some of the very best actors and actresses are physically sick before a performance on stage and they really want to be accepted by the public and can worry themselves needlessly in the run up to a show.

Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.
Napoleon Hill

I am sure we all have a list of fears hidden away in our subconscious mind, that are ready to engage at when we really don’t want them to make an entrance.handcuffed-by-fear

How Quickly Can We Overcome Fear?

We have to understand that overcoming fears can be a lifelong set of hurdles. But that doesn’t mean we cannot eliminate these problems quickly. It rather depends on the type of person concerned.

Some people will want to crush and despatch any stress, fear and anxiety rapidly. Whilst others will take some time overcoming fear. It is bit like quitting smoking, some people have to do immediately and others take longer.

The next part forms the bulk or 95% of the cure or solution and that is work. Yes, you are going to have to work at it and shed some sweat equity.

Face your fears and doubts, and new worlds will open to you.
Robert Kiyosaki

The work part or the persistent practice must be driven by your wants, needs and desires. If you don’t want to dispel this fear badly enough, it is never going to happen. But I know that you can do this.

Action is the only real cure to overcoming fear.

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Paul Bursey

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Are you handcuffed by fear?