Does Your Morning Routine Inspire You?

So Does Your Morning Routine Inspire You?

Hopefully, it does because if you cannot start the day in the right way, a pleasing way, then maybe your day is destined to be average or mediocre.

I found a quote today from James Dean that read,
“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”does your morning routine inspire you

Now I think that is a fantastic quote to read every day because it gives you the feel-good factor and breathes life into your day.

So let’s get back to your morning routine and what you do or want to do, moving forward.

Maybe it is a listening to some inspirational speaker or watching a great video. It could be some exercise programme or just a walk in the nearby forest.

I have good friends who will just drink a cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette. Now I wouldn’t recommend that, but hey that is their choice, whatever works for them.

An inspiration for you and your morning routine may well be listening to some wonderful piece of classical music, for others like me, it may be some high energy music to get you going.

Some people will just meditate or write in their personal journal, while others may well just take time to smell the roses.

To be inspired by your own personal routine is the way to go, whatever it is. But remember it is yours and you own it.

I would be very interested in what people do to set their day up in the right way?

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Does your morning routine inspire you?