Does It Pay To Be Open And Friendly In MLM?

Open And Friendly Is Attractive

If you want to be a great success in MLM, you will be required to be open and friendly in everything that you participate in, which includes how you interact with other people, how you act, how and what you say and the controlling the surroundings that you find yourself in.

All these things can have either an outstanding or a devastating effect on other people. People just love to be around people who make them feel special, wanted, accepted and who generally make them welcome. Learning to be open and friendly are a complete must for the budding entrepreneur in the home business industry.

open and friendlyThis where the saying, 'You only get one chance to make the right impression.' becomes real and meaningful to you in your MLM business. 

Learning To Be Approachable, Open And Friendly 

One of the best ways to show you are approachable is by developing a big natural warm and inviting smile that radiates your friendliness towards others. 

You need to be business like, but at the same time people have to feel comfortable when they are near you and feel that they can ask you anything.

An Open And Friendly Atmosphere

The atmosphere you create with your team is also a vital factor in being open and friendly. 

Ensure that you show everyone how to be the kind of person that anyone can feel good about talking to. This is just another extension of the leverage and leading by example.

Atmosphere is much more than something like a physical room, it is all encompassing. It includes such things as videos, team unity, telephone calls, newsletters and conference calling. I am sure the list is endless and you could go on adding things to it.

Using Open And Friendly Body Language

Being open and friendly will require a bit more than that exceptional smile. Everyone must be totally aware of the effect that they are having on other people. This is all about posture and gestures towards others. 

Charisma should shine through, rather than be forced on others. This is all part of the attraction factor. Some people repel, some people attract, so study people and work it out for yourself.

People should make sure that they are both enthusiastic and excited, but not over the top. If you are too intense then that could be a real challenge, so relax and enjoy your time with others. A Relaxed confidence wins every time.

Stand strong and meet someone face to face, but never be uptight or inflexible. The key is to exude coolness, calmness and an acceptable authority, but at the same time opening up to people and avoiding being pushy, obnoxious or aloof, just be real nice towards others.

Creating An Open And Friendly Environment

We talked about atmosphere and that covers most things, but an open and friendly environment , really relates to places, meetings and buildings, where you have a degree of control over the event.

What you want to aim for is a person saying to themselves, 'I feel comfortable and welcome here.'

You do not want an environment where people are uncomfortable, scared or intimidated. So this will require both you and your team to go around the room making people feel welcome and not left out in anyway.

Being Open And Friendly Must Be Genuine

One of the big components of an open and friendly structure is having people acting totally genuine, honest and not being deceitful. That just doesn't work, because people are sensible and will pick up on deception and will either leave or be turned off very fast.

In Summary

So does it pay to be open and friendly in MLM? You bet it does, because this could be the deciding factor in determining your likeability factor and this in turn may well control your results and subsequent income.

If you are the type of person who is boring, closed and unapproachable you will not be a roaring success in MLM. In fact I would say learn to be open and friendly very quickly or perish in your chosen MLM rapidly.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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