Do Your Vibrations Affect Your Business?

So Do Your Vibrations Affect Your Business?

Personally, I think your vibrations affect everything that you do on a day to day basis.Your vibrations are the most important factor in how your day will progress.

We have all been there before, when your day starts off the wrong way and sometimes it never recovers, does it. It just seems to be one thing going wrong after another and becomes this never-ending spiral of a mess.

Now if your vibrations are at a very high level, when things go wrong, as they will on occasions, you just seem to brush them off. You see that can be the big difference between success and failure.

Here is an example of your vibrations at work. You have to drive on a 50-mile journey to a destination that you have never been before. The person with the high vibration will be excited, plan his or her route and leave early.with time to spare.

The other type of person who is prone to low vibrations and not really in a good place, will be anxious and not really be looking forward to the journey. They may also ignore any planning a route or leave right on the dot.

do your vibrations affect your business

So who is going to be the person who gets caught up in the heavy traffic, has a puncture or be held up and find themselves late? We all know that on the vast majority of times, it will be the person of low vibrations.

Why? Because the person with high vibrations, who is cool and chilled out will leave sufficient time for things to go slightly wrong and even if things don’t go to plan, they will not get agitated, they will just take things as they come and keep smiling.

The person of low vibrations, the same person who whines and complains about everyone and everything, will always find fault because that is what they do.

Now switch it around to building a business, taking part in a course, looking for a relationship or playing golf maybe. Ask yourself these questions.

Who would I rather be around whilst playing golf or some other sport?

If you were building a business and looking for prospective partners, which one of the two would you take on?

If you were on the lookout for a date or a relationship, who would you be attracted to, the funny person who has high vibrations and who makes you smile and laugh or the grumpy person with low vibrations, who is anxious, annoyed and yes, even sometimes angry? Do your vibrations affect your business or relationship. I think that is a big fat yes.

Let me think about that for a nanosecond, of course, the person with the high vibration is probably going to win most of the time, because he or she will approachable, nice, fun to be around and is more likely to have a magnetic personality.

So do vibrations affect your business? You better believe they do all the time. So spend your time with people who build you up, make you feel good or are just plain excellent to be around.

Remember to stay away from the grumps, because they will have an effect on your finances.Make sure you mix with the very best people available.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Do your vibrations affect your business