Never Let Your Guard Down

Never Let Your Guard Down In Network Marketing

What does the phrase, ‘Never let your guard down.’ means in regards to network marketing?

In my humble opinion it relates to who you mix with, who you talk to, who you listen to and who you pay attention to. These are the areas where you have to be aware, selective and careful. WHY?

never let your guard down

Because there are many people out there who say they have your best interests at heart, but in reality, most of them have absolutely no idea how to build a network marketing business. They have never built a large organisation  before and never will. So why would you or I listen to what they have to say.

Stick With The Professionals

Even worse they sell information products on how to do it. So stick to the professionals like Eric Worre and Tim Sales, because they have been in the trenches and faced the same challenges that you and I face on a daily basis.

When you let your guard down you allow negative people, complete amateurs and network marketing dunces affect your life, they influence you wrongly and just supply you with ineffective strategies. 

This is what happens when you lose a bit of focus or lack some success, you start to be affected by those people who really are unqualified to give advice to struggling network marketers

Sometimes We Panic

In a way you panic inside and grab at any chance you have of finding a way of making it all work out. How do I know? I have been there many times and it will wreck your mindset. 

You need to remain on target, keep your guard up like a good boxer and never let your guard down or become influenced by the so called experts, who are not much better than asking Bob in a local bar. 

So please only talk to the people who have done it before over and over again. There are many experienced network marketers in the industry who can guide you along the right path or paths, 

In Summary

Remember never let your guard down, because the loss of time and money will be huge. Listen to the best, like you would if you were consulting a heart specialist.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System