Do You Take Path Of Least Resistance?

Path Of Least Resistance Is A Road To Failure

Taking the path of least resistance is taking the lazy way out, instead of doing what really is required. You should welcome hurdles, brick walls and obstacles because they lead to growth opportunities.

Have you ever done that at all? I know I have before.

Let me explain how I took the path of least resistance when learning how to blog. 

When I started to blog I had a blog with and I believed that I couldn’t write my own articles etc. Some people may feel I was right with my first assumption.


Anyway initially I would steal other people’s articles/blog entries and put then on my blog. Although I did give full credit to the creator and not make out it was my own work, so i suppose I did something right.path of least resistence

However, I also added quotes from google and videos from you tube.

The bottom line was this I made about $3000 from my blog and the affiliate links that I had on there, but I wasn’t happy, why?

Because none of the material was created by me and I honestly did not feel worthy.

My goal was to build an authority site and I soon realized that for that to happen, you needed to be creating unique quality content.

So until I made a decision I was actually taking the path of least resistance and most people do the same, hoping that they are going be successful and as you fully realise they won’t be, because this internet thing has a way of finding you out.

Would I suggest taking the path of least resistance? What I would suggest is doing things the right way. You know what feels right and do it with total integrity.

The goal is to have your readership (in the case of a blog) know, like and trust you, so you had better do it right because one slip up and years of work could be down the drain. It takes a long time to create and nurture a reputation, but seconds to destroy.

Another way in which I got it so wrong was in the area of lead generation. Because I deliberately ignored some excellent advice about list building, I had no other alternative but purchase leads and the quality of those leads was total rubbish. I spent thousands on buying leads from various vendors and paid the price accordingly.

Now what I should have done is take the great advice and buckled down to learn all about building a list of subscribers. To be fair when I looked back at the many mistakes that I had made I realized that it was pure stubbornness to become a professional and the avoidance of concentrated training which cost me thousands of pounds.

So from now on (and I hope it is the same for you) do not take the easy way out or the path of least resistance, find out how it should be done and do it properly.

The knock-on effect for MLM businesses is that, if done the right way it will rub off on your teams. Remember your team members will watch what you do and copy. So duplication is critical here.

So as you move forward ignore the path of least resistance, by all means work smart but avoid being indolent and unprofessional. It takes much longer but the rewards are vast.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey