Do You Take Flying Leaps Into The Unknown?

Are You Ready To Jump Into The Unknown?

Life is a combination of predictability and unpredictability or to put it another way, certainty and uncertainty. If you take a flying leap into the unknown, the results are both uncertain and unpredictable.

In other words we need both sets of scenarios. An example of certainty may relate to where and how you live. We all need this stabilizing effect.

But we also get bored fairly easy, so we require a degree of uncertainty as well. As an example, you surprise your significant other with a gift, out of the blue.

So for me, it may mean buying a bunch of my girlfriend’s favorite flowers and make her feel great. Sometimes things have to be spontaneous.

Network Marketers Require Certainty And Uncertainty

You do not want your network marketing business to be a carousel ride, where it goes up and down.

You must aim to keep an even line, by following the core principles of your specific business every day, such as planning, telephoning people and time in front of customers etc. That would be the certainty part of the business.into-the-unknown

But network marketers, like anyone else, want to be surprised, encouraged and rewarded. This is the uncertainty part of the business.

An example would be receiving a telephone call from your sponsor, congratulating you for a job well done, or maybe you reached a new rank.

Another example would be you telephoning a new person in your organization to welcome them. They wouldn’t be expecting that call and it would be a great boost to them.

Are You Ready To Take Flying Leaps Into The Unknown

Most people never really let go of their fears, inhibitions and doubts. Unless people are willing to challenge themselves, then there will be zero progress. The fun part of progress is releasing the worry habit and taking a flying leap into something worthwhile. In other words, “I will until.”

When you take that flying leap, you really are entering uncharted territory most of the time. You must learn to trust yourself and the leaders around you.

The main problem is that you are holding yourself back most of the time, which is bit like being held back from a brawl. In a brawl situation, being restrained is most probably a good thing, but in network marketing it is debilitation and procrastination of the worst kind.

In Summary

Learn to let yourself feel the power of freedom of choice and freedom of action. Release those shackles and excitedly jump into the fray. take a leap of faith into the unknown and soar upwards.

Understand that the fun part of network marketing is creativity, innovation and the exhilarating feeling of taking flying leaps into the unknown.

On a personal note I suggest becoming a network marketing professional, so that you can have the certainties that you require, but at the same time, never really knowing where this journey will take you ultimately.

Time freedom and money freedom will achieve both the certainty and uncertainty that we all crave.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System