Absence Of Vision?

Absence Of Vision Affects Many People?

I think that most people expect absolutely no success at all, in their lifetime and they do not feel they are deserving enough. That is why they fail to or cannot dream, which affects long term vision. So their “absence of vision” affects everything that they do and usually to their detriment.

absence of vision

The key area for me would be the answers you get when asking people quality and very searching questions. Because there are some people who will never display or use progressive or forward thinking, or as some people like to call it, vision. They basically have an  “absence of vision”  and cannot really see themselves as winning in the game of life.

What Causes A Lack Of Vision?

First of all people live in the past and they allow themselves to get dragged down to the floor and it takes a person of courage to get back up quickly and often. A lot of people remain the victims of their former years and failures.

So the individual must learn from past failures, but not be affected by them, thereby putting chains on their future success. You should never bury the mistakes of previous years, either small or big, just ensure you don’t make the same mistakes over and over again, as some people tend to do. Learn fast and tweak often to get moving forward confidently. 

After a while continued failures take their toll on an individual’s psyche and can be a ball and chain around their ankles, that prevent the required momentum needed for success. A person’s insidious self doubt will play a significant part in how well a person does in their chosen endeavour or fulfilling any ambition..

Another Key To A Lack Of Vision Is Fear

You find that some people are actually afraid of their own shadow, as well as things like speaking to people, either face to face or on the telephone. They fear failure, loss, rejection and just losing, as well as many other fears. So what about you and your vision or lack thereof? Are you getting better or worse? 

You must get to the stage where you can see yourself standing on the podium or passing that examination. Most people have defeated themselves before they start. You should always expect success and the very best. A  “absence of vision” will kill your dreams off extremely rapidly. 

Go confidently forward and see yourself earning that large cheque or building that massive organisation. Make sure you understand the Be, Do, Have principle, which basically means that you act like a successful person first before you actually are one. Then you do the necessary actions that a winner or ace would complete. Then you will receive the income, the kudos, the awards and the plaudits. But you must ensure that you never suffer from a lack or “absence of vision” 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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