Do You Stand And Watch The Game?

Watch The Game And You Will Lose Whilst You Snooze

As a member of this great network marketing profession, answer this question if you would, “Do you stand and watch the game?” Do you have the courage to enter the fray and enjoy the benefits down the road? I think that the first question is critical for you to answer for yourself.

You see too many people just stand and watch not only the network marketing profession, but many areas in life where they really could make a difference.

To be honest I have been on both sides of the fence and most of what I write about is probably aimed more at me than anyone else. But it is a fact that most people just watch the game and avoid or refuse to take part in the game. Why would they do that?

Are You In The Fight?

Let me ask you another question here, “Are you in the fight?” I hope so for your sake as taking an active part is better than remaining on the the game

You see I thought that everyone would want to take part in the game called network marketing, but I was oh so wrong. At least 60% of people are in no way entrepreneurial and wouldn’t have the brain capacity to deal with a business of any kind.

I want people to participate in the game, the more the merrier, but it took me a long time to realize that the majority of people out there didn’t share the same dreams, goals and ambitions. Now I know that I am so thankful and grateful that this is the case, because this profession just isn’t for everyone.

Are You A Gladiator?

So now you have sorted out the ones who will and the ones who won’t. I have another question for you. “Are you a gladiator?” A person who is fiercely loyal to themselves, their wants and desires. A person who will fight tooth and nail to achieve their wanted outcome? You see it is ok to get involved, but most people who take a chance just stick their toe in the water and never really get going properly.

Have you made a decision to twist or stick? Are you passive? OR Are you active? Activity feels much better than avoidance or timidity. Decide to become that gladiator in your business and do it from day one, please don’t wait. You have to trust me on this one. Procrastination of any form will cripple your thinking and your ability to get into any kind of motion.

Are You Part Of The Solution?

So are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem? It took me a long time to understand the difference between being a problem and becoming solution oriented. What about you?

I would rather pitch in and look to find a way to overcome a challenge, rather than just whining about a problem continually. Believe me I have done both over the years.

In Summary

Decide to leave where the spectators sit and become an entrepreneur in this profession called network marketing. Step out from the crowd and get a little uncomfortable. Walk away from the herd and start to develop your skills and abilities, whilst working with people of a like mind.

So when a person makes a comment or asks you a rather embarrassing question like, “Do you stand and watch the game?” you can quite honestly say, “I am a gladiator who chooses to fight for his dream.” You can then throw a question back to them, “How about you?”

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System