Do You Send Out Strong Signals To Your Team?

Send Out Strong Signals That Give The Right Message

This is an extremely important article if you have a team already or you are intending to build a team because, in the end, the signals you send out as a leader to your team will affect the income you receive and ultimately your overall success.

Why would this be important to you?

First of all, everything you do is seen by your team. If you are a raging success, then your team will definitely be aware of this and may well try to emulate or beat you, because you have inspired them. If you are lazy, indolent or indifferent to success, that will filter through your organization, if in fact, you have an organization.send out strong signals

The bottom line is that your team or group will probably follow what you do, so you want to show your best side to them at all times. By posting great results your team will have no place to go to make excuses because you will be making money, recruiting well and becoming a superb leader. But if you are the opposite and do not lead from the front, you can guess your long-term results.

What would be the most important signals that you could send out to your growing team?

1. Being the most positive leader who knows exactly where he or she is going.

2. Always attending events that are organized, as far as possible.

3. Ensuring that you are on all of the conference and team calls.

4. Making sure that you only pass the good stuff downline and complaints upline.

5. Winning or being highly placed in competitions put together by your company or similar.

6. Showing yourself to be result oriented and posting top sales and recruiting results.

7. Becoming a master at communication, promotion and the correct use of praise.

8. Always adopt a business mindset and the posture to go along with it. Watching your body language and speech.

9. Be totally approachable, human and always be prepared to work with those who deserve your time.

10.Be seen as cool, chilled out, calm and in control of your emotions. Be a true professional.

I am sure there are many other things that you can do to ensure that the signals you send out are nothing less than the very best. By sending out great signals you make sure that people have that feel good factor and want to be part of your team.

So when you are asked the question, ‘Do You Send Out Strong Signals To Your Team?’ you can smile and say, ‘Yes I send out very strong positive signals.’

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

How Successful Leaders Communicate With Their Teams