Do You See Opportunity All Around? Because It Is There

Do You See Opportunity When Others See Impossibility?

If you go out for the day, let’s say to the shopping mall, do you feel like you are in a field of gold, mining for diamonds or do you keep your head down, see no opportunity whatsoever and believe that your network marketing business is not going to work?

Some people see opportunity all around them and others see very little. In fact there are a few people that believe that things are just impossible.

Both groups of people are absolutely correct, because what you believe or think about becomes your reality.

What Is Really Going On?

As a police officer I would take a new recruit down to a busy market and ask them what they could actually see. Most of them would say that they could see, customers, market stalls, shops and market traders.

A few of them looked past the normal workings of the market and would notice a blatant drug deal, a possible thief or a potential problem, such as an impending crime. Rarely did anyone see the undercurrent or what was going on beneath the surface.

Unfortunately Most Network Marketers Do Not Pay Attention To Their Surroundings

Network marketers are very much the same, some see diamonds in the rough, prospective partners and potential customers. Others see absolutely nothing going on at all and miss a whole array of gemstones, which are right in front of

What about you. Are you aware of the riches that pass in front of you every day or are your eyes tightly closed? Keen observation skills and an acute awareness are your best friends, in network marketing.

So keep your eyes wide open, be vigilant and watchful of everything that is going on around you daily.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Do you see opportunity?