Do You Run The Clock Down?

Learn To Run The Clock Down And Utilize Every Available Minute

Run The Clock Down in order to win. When you control the clock you win every time. In most team events, as long as you control the clock you win. If you run the clock down, aren’t you also controlling the clock of sorts?

In American football you see the quarterback drop down on one knee and waste that precious bit of time in order to ensure there are no mistakes and his team wins. The quarterback is in charge and is showing you how to run the clock down. He is controlling the clock and making time work for him and his team

In soccer a player will deliberately run into a corner and try and shield the ball, not allowing his opponents access to the ball, in an attempt to let the clock run down and use up as much time as the clock down

What this means is that the team or person in possession of the ball is controlling the clock and thereby winning the game. But whatever the outcome, you should never let the result shake your confidence and it should have no impact on your belief system whatsoever.

It is a proven fact that results have no impact on the belief system of a winner. Whatever you believe and whatever you focus on is what you will absolutely create. Know what you need to do and do it. Part of that belief system is the knowledge that you can have some influence when trying to control the clock.

Can you really control the clock, not really, but you can control yourself and what you do.

If you have a outstanding belief system, success, a relaxed confidence and you play your part in the event or proceedings, then you will be successful because you have this degree of control of the clock.

If you don’t achieve your goals this week you can reset your goals for next week. If you don’t do them next week you do them the week after.

You will succeed, the only thing that will prevent anyone from success and achievement in sport or business, is if they quit or they don’t commit themselves to being successful. People’s greatest enemy is themselves. It is never adversity, nor anyone else, winning or losing is normally inside their heads, they either feel in control or they don’t.

We are often our own worst enemies and normally get in our own way most of the time and that is what personal development is all about and always moving forward. Our job is to shed the skins of failure, poor belief systems, a losing mentality and or poverty consciousness.

You have to step into a world of abundance and success in your mind first and then transfer them into your business or sport.

So in your MLM or network marketing business you have to learn how to control the clock. What does this mean?

It means believing that you can actually do it and learn to control your time schedule and appointments efficiently. It means following through and doing all that it takes to be a success.

So if you need to run the clock down, then do it. If you need to control the clock then make sure you do. Controlling the clock is a mindset because as you well know you cannot stop time, just use it to your advantage.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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