Do You Refuse To Accept Defeat?

Refuse To Accept Defeat Permanently

So do you accept defeat or are you the type of person who is willing to fight for your dream? I say refuse to accept defeat.

From my experience, the majority of people fall into the latter category and are major lightweights when it comes to achievement and success.

My inclinations are to talk about sport for obvious reasons, but let’s keep it to people who start MLM or network marketing businesses.

Hundreds of thousands of people are looking for and start a home business every year and the numbers are growing. Due to the state of world economics and the uncertain job world. Record amounts of people are flocking towards the home based business industry. But many accept defeat to rapidly.

The problem is that people seem to jump into about anything that comes along, waste time, money and then quit. WHY?

refuse to accept defeatThey accept defeat too quickly and don’t understand what is required for success or they are just not mentally equipped to take a home business head on.

To be a major success in this industry you need to have your business head on from day one and not waste any time. Time really is money, although we all seem to waste those precious hours and treat seconds and minutes as if they are unlimited and infinite.

Personally, I have now developed the ability to never accept being beaten. I think is due to my sports background, but it wasn’t always like that. I now refuse to accept defeat in business as well.

Refusing to accept defeat is not being daft and going on regardless of the results, but persistence is called for on a large scale. I would like to think it is more about listening to the very best people within your business opportunity, finding out what works and keep tweaking your business, plans, and goals until you find the best way forward.

So it is all about persistence, consistency coupled together with smart thinking, which will propel you to greater success, but you definitely require the attitude of a winner, become stubborn, and refuse to accept defeat under any circumstances.

There is a rare breed that will innovate, adapt and overcome any challenge that confronts them. Are you one of these types of people?

So what happens if you give in and give up? You throw away your money, your time, your investment, your goals, and dreams. What a complete waste of life.

So, hopefully, this short article has made you think a little bit more about who you are and helped you become a bit tougher mentally about your home business.

In the end, it is your decision whether you make it or not, but remember, don’t gripe, moan or bad mouth your business. It is you who make the difference, no-one else. If you accept defeat, then it is you who has accepted defeat.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


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