Do You Poke It With A Stick To See If Your Business Is Still There?

Most People Poke It With A Stick Instead Of Treating Their Opportunity With Respect

There are thousands of people who come into the mlm and network marketing industry each month and a vast majority of these same people, those that start a new venture, just come in and poke it with a stick.

For any of you who have perhaps run a marathon or obtained a degree, did you reach the finishing line by the stick and poke method or did you show a tremendous amount of persistence and commitment to achieve that sporting or academic success. I bet you had to graft over a long period of time to make it to a satisfactory level, didn’t you?


So why is that all these excited and hopeful people come into a home business, make very little money and quit bad mouthing the industry?

First of all those same people put too much pressure on the outcome of their new project or venture. Network marketing is not a cure all, it is a legitimate business. There are very few people who will come in and have microwave results, so maybe professionalism and patience are two of the main keys.poke it with a stick

Secondly people tend to just dip their toes into the water and never embrace their new business as a complete answer to their financial or time challenges, but there is a limit for most people at the expectation level. What do I mean by that?

As I mentioned people expect a million dollars from a $100 worth of effort and it will never work like that. I spoke to someone last night who said that the only ones who make money are the ones at the top who have been there either at the start or early on. Now it is true that the pioneers within an organization are going to be wealthy if they stay around and work their business in the right way, but to say that a new person will not make big money is totally incorrect, a cop out and a recipe for your own personal disaster. In other words, a ready-made excuse for when you quit and you will with that attitude.

If you are in this industry or you are currently looking then you must understand that if you do not make money then you are doing something wrong period. Now this is assuming that you have made a good selection of a business opportunity in the first place.

Once you have completed your research or due diligence, and you are happy with what you have found out and seen, jump right in and make a decision to become totally committed. Play full out and don’t touch your toe in the sea and then run away. Sprint and dive in head first, that is the only way.

I promise you that this is the only way to start a home business and you will love the feeling and this experience, rather than the timid approach because you will just be wasting your time and money.

So my tip for the day is PLAY FULL OUT. Thanks Brian Swan for that one that I have never forgotten.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey