Attitude Adjustment Is Normal

An attitude adjustment, Do We Really Need One?

Attitude adjustment, well I think it is something that we all require regularly, but obviously some more than others.Zig Ziglar calls it a ‘check up from the neck up’

It’s ok everyone needs to perform regular maintenance on their brain, but there are a few out there that forget, some permanently.

So how can we tweak or adjust our attitude to ourselves and others?do-you-need-an-attitude-adjustment

Well, it comes right back down to the basics everytime, doesn’t it.

Ok Paul, well you have convinced me that I need to change things around consistently, but how can I start to improve?

First of all you have to understand that an attitude adjustment isn’t like taking your car in for it’s annual service.

The critical key here is to understand that you and I need to be taking small baby steps every day to be able to withstand the stresses and challenges that we face. We can then arrive or remain in a good place most of the time. So that when things start to go wrong or we face certain obstacles we can say, ‘I can handle that.’ and mean it.

So what can we do starting today that will make a difference in our world and impact our minds with a positive result?

I am afraid there is nothing new here really, but here goes.

1. Avoid the news programmes, the TV generally and newspapers.

2. Do not listen to negative vibs from those people closest to you. (or anyone)

3. Listen to music and speakers who uplift and inspire you.

4. Choose to be in a thriving enviroment, such as a mastermind group.

5. Read personal development and other great books.

6. Walk away from confrontation, whether that is whilst driving or at work.

So if you want to make that attitude adjustment so that it actually means something, consider what I have said and just go for it, because, believe me it will make a fantastic difference in the quality of your life moving forward.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Paul Bursey

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