Do You Love Your Morning Routine?

Morning Routine. Does It Inspire You?

On your quest to establish the mindset of an entrepreneur are you creating the right environment immediately when you get up in the morning? Creating that a good feeling for the day begins early and some people refer to it as a morning ritual, but I like to call it my morning routine. It is very simple and that is why it works for me.

do you love your morning routineYou hear from a lot of people that they find it hard to get up and get going in the morning and take half the day to get into productive work. So what would be your approach to those early starts?

I have found that 6 am is the best time for me to get up in the morning and this is the first step to hitting the ground running. This is a brilliant habit to develop if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. The difference here is wanting to get up early and not having to get up because of job commitments.

Otherwise what will happen is you will let bad habits creep into your workday and be all over the place or scattered, especially with your thinking. So a structure is required to leverage your time much more efficiently.

So up early and cold water works wonders for me before I do anything else. I then listen to a relaxation CD, followed by a short run and then porridge for breakfast. Good old Scotts Porridge Oats. There are some other very special ingredients to my morning routine, which I will hold back for now. I also journal every day as well.

So I am ready for productive work at around 7.30am and by sticking to this morning routine I find my energy levels are sky high all day, without any energy dips. What is the secret sauce, you will have to ask me personally?

The major key for you is to develop your own morning ritual or morning routine, that appeals or resonates with you. It is a personal thing. Morning rituals are essential to your well being as an entrepreneur.

Whatever you do make it count. My morning routine is here to stay.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Do you love your morning routine?