Do You Have The Heart Of A Lion?

So Do You Have The Heart Of A Lion

If I used the term ‘heart of a lion’ what would that conjure up for you, what would it mean?

I think that everybody would have their own interpretation of characteristics that are displayed by a lion, but what about you as an entrepreneur or home business owner, are you becoming that lion?

From my point of view I personally believe that strength is a vital characteristic to display when building an MLM or network marketing business. 

Unfortunately most people who enter our industry light the fuse and extinguish their own light very quickly. So strength of character is definitely a trait required by the trainee and established leader.heart of a lion

I think we would like to be known as someone with the heart of a lion and the unbreakable strength to become persistent and rock solid.

The words powerful, authority and command were mentioned in a great article I researched, entitled ‘

‘Symbolic Meaning of Lions’

which can be found at

Now by all means be a powerful leader, but in this case the authority or command would be more leading by a shining example rather than the force shown by a real lion, but there are similarities.

I think that along with the strength you would always have to display as a leader, the word courage goes hand in hand also.

The sad thing is that the vast majority of distributors show a distinct lack of courage and do not stand up for what is right and conduct themselves with honesty, dignity and honour.

Courage is doing what the 97% of people won’t do, so it is your choice, isn’t it.

So if you want to reach the top ranks or positions in your company you will have to show some backbone and pay attention to some or all of these qualities, if you want to make it big.

I know that some people reading this may well get annoyed, good. But I say this to help you really and not antagonise you. I want to see you at the top rungs of your respective companies, because it helps everyone else throughout the industry as a whole.

So in essence, learn to have the heart of a lion and establish yourself as a leader who is respected and followed.


To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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