The Masses Have Low Expectations

So, Do You Have Low Expectations?

Now 2012 has just begun and let me ask you a question. How is it going? Do you have poor dreams or high wants and desires?

Have you set your goals and put them into action. I very much hope so my friend. Because if you don’t have your own amazing plans you will just fit into someone else’s plans.

So do you have low expectations or are lofty ambitions?

Most people have such poor expectations, that to be fair, would not inspire anyone to get out of bed even. But that’s not you, right? No, you say, “Not me.”
low expectations

I think this is when we, you and me, need to look at ourselves in the mirror and be totally honest.

If your expectations are too low you will not get inspired and neither will I.

I promise you low expectations will extinguish the fire of any passion that may linger in your soul.

Low expectations will affect your performance and reduce your effectiveness.

Are you convinced yet that low expectations probably mean that your ambition, goal, dream or endeavor has been sunk before it has started? 

If you have bad goals or plans, get back to the drawing board and re-design your plans quickly before another year evaporates. Expect the very best and it may just rub off on you and others.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey