Crystal Clear Vision

Do you have a crystal clear vision for yourself moving forward into the new year?

This is one specific area where you need to acquire tunnel vision now, today, so that you can laser focus on exactly what you want for yourself in 2011. Having tunnel vision does not prevent you from applying flexibility or removing rigidity from your life. we are talking about your goals here and not how you get to them.crystal clear vision

So how do you keep that vision crystal clear and totally in focus. It is easy to stay focused if you have a clear mental picture of what you want.

Meditate and visualize your goals and become mentally in tune with what it is you are going to achieve. Some people visualize that they have already achieved their goal and can actually project how they will feel or felt when their goal(s) were realized.

Now, this may relate to your business, relationship, family, career or personal development. This list is endless, but let me concentrate on business.

The simplest form of staying focused is by writing your goals out on a piece of paper, putting a date on it and placing it areas of prominence around your house, you know, where you spend most of your time.

You get to be reminded constantly that these are your goals and this will assist you in the area of procrastination. It is easier for me if I relate it to my business and give you an idea of what I will do and what is clearly on my radar for 2011.

I will share with you five goals of mine in relation to my business, in 2011.

A) Create 750 blog entries on three blogs. (50 weeks, 1 blog entry per day per blog)

B) Create 500 new short videos

C) Create 50 quality pillar articles

D) Create 200 other articles

E) To sell 50 weight loss products each week It is specific, concise, crystal clear and the most important thing is that it is totally cost free.

I would also suggest breaking these goals down into monthly, weekly and daily goals as well.

Looking at the yearly goals may postpone the starting point and by breaking these goals down to daily increments, you will realize that they are very simple to achieve.

So, I will ask you again, do you have a crystal clear vision?

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Crystal clear vision.