Communicate From The Heart

Do You Communicate From The Heart?

When you communicate from the heart, you will find that it is a balancing act between being professional and getting wrapped up in other people’s problems, challenges and dramas. Now, obviously you must have compassion and care about people, but never let it compromise your effectiveness. 

To communicate from the heart means you are looking out for people’s best interests, you tell it like it is and do your level best not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but network marketing is a business and sometimes people (I had to) need to grow up, stop making excuses and make some money. You must never hurt people’s feelings, just be straight and absolutely truthful with them.

I spent quite a few years playing the victim and quite frankly I was a real pain in the arse. However, I was never the type of person to turn a drama into a crisis, but I did become a victim (personal stuff) for some considerable length of time.

When I spoke to friends and family, even the intonation of my voice must have been a big turn off, so I can only imagine how I was coming across to prospective partners and colleagues. So by all means communicate from the heart, but do not mix business with personal stuff.

Are You Here For Money Or To Be A Samaritan?

Yes we all want people to be open and honest, but you haven’t got the time to listen to sob stories, because time is moving on folks. I hope you are in network marketing to make money, not to be an agony aunt, a shoulder to cry on or a therapist. I know there are going to be times when you have to listen, but think about the way you conduct your business very carefully moving forward.communicate from the heart

If you have a group of a thousand distributors and you get in the rut of listening to people’s problems, it will be so time consuming for you, but more important it will suck the lifeblood out of you and detract you from taking care of the real business issues and tasks.

Show Integrity And Never Attack A Person’s Pride.

So to communicate from the heart means being passionate and honest, about what you are trying to accomplish. Telling it like it is, holding nothing back and showing bags of integrity. In other words being brutally honest with people, without attacking their pride.

One of things I hate is dealing with people who have a hidden agenda, that tell you one thing to your face, but mean something completely different.  I call them smiling assassins. I want to be around people who communicate from the heart and those who make sure that they do not speak with a forked tongue.

In Summary

I wear my heart on a sleeve, I communicate from the heart and sometimes this gets me in trouble, but I would much rather be sincere, straightforward and passionate about things, rather than mislead people in any way. But sometimes you can be too helpful and truthful, so you have to use good judgement when talking to people. In my opinion, for what it is worth, always communicate from the heart and come from a place of being totally genuine. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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