Do You Challenge Yourself Regularly?

Do You Challenge Yourself Regularly?

Every person requires something to aim for or at.

So what are you currently doing as far as goal setting?

Have you a lofty goal that you are working towards? do you challenge yourself regularly

If you challenge yourself regularly you will grow as a person.

Ask yourself a question, “Do I stretch myself to the limit?” When to set yourself a challenge do you aim high or low?

You have to get disturbed (as Tony Robbins calls it). What does this mean?

Well you need to step out of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable. If you don’t the chances are your goal isn’t worth going after.

, In my opinion, you should always aim as high as you can in pursuit of that elusive dream, not so that you become stressed out but so that you get the best out of yourself.

Also are you always trying new things, new challenges ? You should be because it keeps things interesting and fresh.

Another question you will want to ask yourself, although you may well know the answer to this one.

Do you always follow through on a plan or do you give up when you hit that first or second obstacle.

To achieve anything in life you will need two skill sets and they are persistence and consistency. Without these, you may well not achieve very much of note.

Anyway I wish you all the success you are willing to work for.

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To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Do you challenge yourself regularly?

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