Do You Care What Others Think About You?

So, Do You Care What Others Think About You?

I remember times when I was concerned about what people thought about me, but now I do not care. Because I cannot control how people think and what they do. The only thing I can do is be me and be the best that I can today.

do you care what others think about youNow I never allow someone’s opinion to affect my performance in life, on the internet or in business. Some people like to control and dominate you by putting you down.

It is easy to be put off from doing what you want to do with a negative comment. Now I just look in the mirror and say, “Whatever.”

Now does that mean that I do not conduct myself with integrity and honesty, no of course not? I do the very best that I can to deal with people in a very positive manner.

But it is the same for you as well when it comes to allowing people to steal your dreams and ambitions. I think this is because you are at odds with that person(s). It really used to affect me when people, for whatever reason would attack my intentions.

Now I say just get out of my way, this is what I have decided to do. Does this mean that I do not listen to advice, absolutely not? But I will not listen to anything negative in relation to what I am doing.

I try my very best not to give any energy to situations that occur in life and I hope you do too. Bad karma is just bad karma, sometimes you just have to realize that and not look for any hidden meaning. In other words, I refuse to give all the negative crap any attention or significance. Now I just get on with my own thing and try and serve others.

As my friend, John always says, “If I upset you, you will get over it.”

I hope you can relate to what I am saying and just go ahead and do your own thing. Do not allow other people’s words and actions to affect you too much. Just make sure that what you are doing is the right thing for you.

Hopefully, you only want good things to happen and always expect the best from yourself and others.

Remember you become what you center your attention on, so beware.


To Your Success


Paul Bursey


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