Do You Anticipate Overnight Success In Network Marketing?

Overnight Success In Network Marketing Is A Myth

With a few rare exceptions you do not find overnight success in network marketing. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some really sharp and fast moving people out there, who appear to grab opportunities and run with them rapidly, but generally speaking, there are no overnight sensations.

What you do have, on quite a few occasions, are people with large teams switching from one network marketing company to another, for whatever reason. Of course all you see is fast growth, without knowing how they did it. This can make you feel inferior and you aren’t. So there are no real people that enter the network marketing arena and are classed as an overnight success, so eliminate those two words from your vocabulary, after reading this article.overnight success

That is just one of those things that happen on occasions and you shouldn’t begrudge those leaders their instant growth and success in a new venture, because they have done the hard work previously. I would not say that they fall under the heading of an overnight success.

Concentrate On Your Own Game Plan

Ignore the overnight success and concentrate on what you are doing, what you want and are willing to work towards. You have to understand it is going to take some time and most people lack the patience to stay around until the harvest, on most occasions. So ensure that you are one of those who not only sows the seeds, but tends to the garden and waits for harvest time to arrive. Network marketing is a complete package and not just one action, but a series of hundreds of small increments and actions, that make up the whole.

Remember your pace is your pace, not anyone else’s. Surround yourself with the right people, who encourage, support and promote. Learn to be a consistent performer and keep chipping away every day. Learn the art of patience and understand that it may take two to five years, or perhaps longer, to achieve your dreams, goals and ambitions. Shatter those thoughts of being an overnight success and get in the groove of mastery of your craft, persistence and professionalism.

Now understand me clearly here, when I say that I am not one for pouring cold water on a great idea or saying something is impossible. Personally, I have never seen an overnight success happen, that is not to say it can’t be done, but I think you understand what I am saying here. Tenacity and an intelligent bulldog spirit will win the day 99% of the time.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey